Authentic, emotive, natural wedding photography


There is a non-refundable retaining fee to book your wedding. Once this retaining fee is paid, you have secured my services for your wedding at the quoted price. Please note: receiving an invoice from me for your wedding photography does not mean I have reserved your date!  I often get multiple enquiries for the same date in a very short period of time. For this reason, unfortunately, I cannot hold your wedding date without receiving your retaining fee (or evidence of payment).

When Do I Need to Pay You?

The balance of your payment is due in my account one working week before your wedding.

What happens if I need to transfer or cancel my wedding date?

Transfer: If I have your new wedding date available, you can transfer the date without any financial cost. If I do not have your new date available, then your booking will need to be cancelled. Cancellation: If you have to cancel your wedding date with me, I return all funds paid to me, apart from the retaining fee.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes! There is no charge for paying by instalments. I provide receipts for each instalment payment and amended invoices reflecting these payments as the payments are received into my account.

Should We Meet You Before Booking?

I love meeting couples and hearing about their wedding plans. Some couples like to meet first. I am happy to meet in my home studio in Chapel Hill. Sometimes, couples aren’t local, so a chat over the phone works. Other couples like to secure their date straight away by email, and then catch up at some stage before their wedding day. I am happy to work with whatever works for you!

Can I Change My Selected Package After Booking?

I do not book any other weddings on the day of your booking, so you can change the hours of coverage or the type of coverage up to one month before your wedding. After that date, a fee is applied for amending your booking.

Are All My Pictures Edited?

All images you receive are edited. This means that adjustments are made to each picture so that the all the pictures you receive are print ready. However, as different printing labs may use different printing processes, and as personal taste on matters like how bright pictures are (exposure) can differ, you may wish to make some slight adjustments before printing.

What About Retouching?

“Retouching” a photo is a more complex form of editing. It is usually done for portraits e.g. skin smoothing to even out skin tones or subtly decrease the appearance of wrinkles, or to remove unwanted features (anything from fly-away hair across the face to removing a few excess kilos from the body). Backgrounds may also be improved by retouching (e.g. removing power poles, obtrusive signage). Retouching is not included in the standard editing processing and usually will incur an extra charge per photo. Please ask for a quote if you would like retouching of your photos.

Am I Eligible For Any Discounts?

Travel discount: Areas that are within 15 minutes travel of Chapel Hill are eligible for a locality discount.

Surprise me discount: If your wedding has an unusually unique element to it (e.g. ethnic elements, an unusual location, an exceptional venue which I haven’t previously photographed), your wedding may also be eligible for a discount. Please ask!

Are There Any Travel Fees?

Locations that are within one hour’s travel of Chapel Hill (Brisbane 4069) are free. Travel outside this area may incur a travel fee. Tell me about your destination, and your desired coverage, and I can tailor a quote for you.
Travel between locations once we have arrived, is covered within your package. Travel between your various wedding locations will thus reduce the total amount of time given to taking photographs.

Should I Provide You and Your Assistant with a Meal?

Meals are very much appreciated if we are covering your wedding for longer than five hours, and reception coverage is included in the package. We don’t need to have the same meals as your guests, and many venues offer a special meal price for wedding vendors.

Are There Any Other Charges or Fees?

Any parking, location or entrance fees that are required either for your wedding photography or pre-wedding photography session are charges in addition to the package price.

When Will I Receive My Photos?

I aim to provide your photos within 6 weeks of your ceremony. Some early overview photos from each key section of your day (about 6-10 photos) are provided within 3 business days via your personal gallery. These pictures can be downloaded for your personal use.

How Many Photos Will I Get?

I aim to tell the story of your day in as much detail as possible, so I do not set a limit on the number of pictures you receive. On average, depending on what’s happening, you will receive between 50 and 75 pictures per hour of photography.

Can I Get All the Photos from my Wedding/All the Unedited Photos/the RAW images?

You will receive a great selection of edited photos from your wedding day that cover all the major events and special moments of your day, but not every single photo taken. Unedited photos, including raw images, are not supplied.

What Can I Do With My Photos?

You receive high resolution images from your wedding for your personal use. These images are not water-marked at all. However, it would be greatly appreciated if could identify me as your photographer when you upload pictures from your wedding onto social media.

The photos are for your personal use only, not for any commercial purpose. This includes use of these images by any of your wedding suppliers. If any of your wedding suppliers would like to use my pictures, other than on their websites (with acknowledgement), please ask them to contact me direct.